Save money on heating bills by Powerflushing your central heating system

Are your radiators slow at heating up? When they heat up are they cold in places? Sounds like you need a central heating system flush.

Powerflush is an effective technique to keep your radiators working efficiently. During a Powerflush, water and cleaning chemicals are pumped through your radiators at a high pressure which flushes out any build-up and dirt that is causing a blockage within your heating system.

As well as removing sludge, Powerflushing will add special inhibitors to your system to prevent future corrosion within it. After flushing your heating system you will feel heat effectively circulating around every radiator in your home. Your central heating system will operate more efficiently, which will in turn save you money on your heating bills. It could also save you the time and potential money spent on central heating repairs.

Before a powerflush, sediment builds resulting in cold spots in your radiatorsAfter a powerflush, better circulation and sludge is removed

What are the benefits of Home Energy Services’ Powerflush?

Carried out by fully qualified engineers, using high tech equipment and high quality materials – we ONLY use Fernox and Sentinel corrosion inhibitors and flushing products. Our central heating system flush offers the following benefits:

  • It will help to heat your home more efficiently reducing your energy costs
  • It will help increase the pump life of your central heating pump
  • It will help reduce radiator corrosion or internal heating system corrosion
  • It can help to eliminate banging noises (kettling) and prolongs your boiler life

With all of our products we aim to carry out an efficient and high quality service so the central heating maintenance we carry out does not interrupt your daily routine – we even offer flexible appointments to suit you.

Powerflushing can take from as little as four hours, depending on how much sludge is in your system and how many radiators you have.

Take advantage of our Powerflush service for just £650

Although our Powerflush service is not part of our Central Heating Care packages, it is available to our customers on special offer for £650. This offer enables you to have up to 10 radiators in your home flushed for £650. £700 will get you between 11 and 15 radiators in your central heating system flushed. After this, each additional radiator will be flushed at a cost of £25.

Find out more about Home Energy Services’ Powerflush

Book your Powerflush on 0345 872 8636 today, or simply call us to find out more. Available Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm our team are on hand to answer any questions you may have about our service.

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